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About Us

Welcome to ICHIBAN TACKLE Online Store

"Ichiban" means "the best" in Japanese.
We specialize in highest-quality Japanese fishing tackle, especially for bass fishing, and ship all of our products directly to your door from Japan.

There are an endless variety of fishing tackles to choose from.
Choosing the best lures to bring with you is part of the fun before going fishing.
How do you choose lures for fishing?
Every anglers have their own fishing philosophy, and someone's "Ichiban" lure is not always your "Ichiban" lure.

We're here ready to help you to fish on instinct with your own "Ichiban" lure and make your fishing a success.

Right place, Right time, and Right tackles.
This is all you need to fish in your own way.

We would be more than happy to be of service to you, and make your day a greatest on the water.

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