The Prometheus Project continues with Slow Descent (Sinking) version of the Onimasu 188。

This swimbait incorporates all of the previous actions of its sibling but has a descent ratio of 3 seconds to 1 foot of depth. The lure can be retrieved moderately fast assisting tournament anglers with covering water.

The Onimasu 188-S has traits the tournament and trophy hunters alike will appreciate.Although it sinks it can be easily waked just under the surface. The angler can mimic feeding trout slurping the surface. The 188 S can be casted effortlessly great distances.

One trick (akin to some glide bait users it to achieve ‘free style’ w/ the lure.  This is where an angler uses one twitch, then throwing the slack into the line immediately following a slalom sequence, causing lure to turn 180 degrees. Sometimes igniting aggression out of the following predator.

Retrieve speeds can vary as the lure is well balanced during its s-curve swim action. Incorporating line at 3 seconds per full reel handle rotation will allow the lure to crawl slowly without killing action.

Product Code: realis-onimasu-188
Made in Japan
Length: 7-3/8 inch (188 mm)
Weight: 2-1/2 (77.5 g)
Type: Sinking
Category: SWIM BAIT
Item: NEW

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